Financial Management Wing


Ambar Sultana

Director FM


Roles & Responsibilities


•Processing of Pension and allied cases of the employees of FDE and institutions.

•Processing of Assistance Package cases on the event of in-service death of employees.

•Processing of transfer of Pension in the event of death after retirement.

•100% Progress since January, 2016 except 04- court cases.


Reconciliation Reports: Quarterly  monthly reconciliation of expenditure report of all educational institutions already submitted to M/o FE & PT.

Revenue Receipts. Non-Tax Revenue Receipts are  being submitted to Ministry of FE & PT on monthly basis continuously.

Sanctions Issued: With effect from 01-07-2019 to 30-10-2019: A number of 61 sanctions of reimbursement of medical charges have been issued in respect of employees of Federal Govt. Educational Institutions.

•Sanction of Re-appropriation amounting to Rs.88,000/- in respect of IMCB Rewat (F.A) Islamabad issued.

•Some of medical claims are also under process at different levels.

Additional Demands. No. of 25 F.Rs. received from different institutions under head utilities for additional demand but returned to concerned institutions due to non-availability of  funds. However, supplementary demand will be initiated in December, 2019.

Allowances. Re-appropriation of Travelling Allowance & Leave encashment case amounting to Rs. 20.322 million out of savings of funds as  intimated by the different institutions, already processed..


•Issuance of hiring sanctions to the FDE employees

•Registration of fresh applications for hiring purpose

•Receipt of fresh hiring cases for permission to occupy the located houses for hiring

•Inspection/assessment of the house by FDE or through the relevant AEOs offices

•Preparation of ‘Rent Assessment Reports and ensuring its approval to DS(Education) M/o FE & PT, after inspection/assessment.

•Issuance of allotment letters and signing of lease agreements after the final approval by DS(Education).


•Planning and execution of Audit and Special Audit of all schools/colleges under FDE.

•Preparation of brief/working papers for PAC & DAC meetings in consultation with concerned wing and educational institutions.

•Scrutiny of relevant record/documents for settlement of audit paras of audit reports.

•Keep track of implementation on previous directives and decisions of PACs & DACs.

•Compliance and timely implementation of all PACs directives.

•Prior to the schedule meetings of the PAC(s) & DAC(s), Audit Section works as Coordinator between FDE’s Wings/Institutions and Directorate General Audit (FG) in connection with presentation of original record of verification.

•Submission of all audit’s related information, as and when received.

•Vetting of files sent by various sections/wings of FDE for audit’s views/comments.

•Settlement of internal audit reports of 398-educational institutions (approx.)

•To guide the management of school to overcome the flaws observed during internal audit activities.