Projects & Infrastructure Management Wing

Maj (R) Abdul Waheed Khan

Director P&IM

Inam Jahangir

Dy Director


Roles  & Responsibilities

  • Planning for future needs of educational institutions in Islamabad.
  • Development of new educational institutions to provide free education (for students from 6th to 16th Year of age) to the residents of Islamabad under Article 25-A of the Constitution of Pakistan.
  • Prepare PCs for CFY PSDP for acquiring of budget allocation.
  • Updating / modifying / revising PC-Is to remove the observations of Planning Commission & other departments.
  • Monitoring complete project cycle.
  • Collecting details of missing facilities and coordinating with Pak PWD for cost estimation for the consumption of FM Wing for acquiring of funds.

Progress Updates

  • Rs.1364.726 Million have been allocated in CFY PSDP for
    13 Development Projects.
  • 31 schools are being upgraded through project titled
    “Up gradation of ICT High Schools in Islamabad” in continuation to 2nd year.
  • Tendering for 15 remaining school have been initiated by Pak PWD.
  • Work Plan and Cash Plan have been submitted to M/o FE&PT.
  • Releases of First quarter has been released and for Second quarter is under process.
  • Case for creation of ID and allocation of budget of IMCB Sihala and IMCG Bhara Kau have been approved by Finance Division.
  • 03 PC-I were approved for which all above processes have been done.
  • IMCG, G-13/1
  • IMCB, G-15
  • IMCB, Pak Town
  • 06 PC-Is were modified / re-prepared under the directions / observations of Planning Commission and were discussed and in principle approved in
    DDWP on 02-12-2019 meeting.
  • PC-I s for missing facilities & damages of earth quake are under estimation / preparation of BOQs process.