Coordination & Facilitation

Mr. Masood ul Hameed Malik

Director Coordination & Facilitation


Roles & Responsibilities

  • Internal and external Coordination amongst institutions and Sections of FDE
  • Public Relations at the level of FDE
  • Information pertaining to Sectors/institutions required by Ministry
  • Dissemination of Rules/policies
  • Dealing parliamentary business, Assembly Question, Senate Questions extra.
  • Pakistan citizen Portal / All PM tasking
  • All Government matters requiring coordination
  • Replies of all National Assembly / Senate Business are accordingly collected, update and submitted to the M/o FE&PT
  • Information of different nature are gathered and forwarded to the quarter concerned
  • With coordinated efforts, different assignment of National level has been done such as Kashmir Day activities, Polio campaigns, Breast Cancer Awareness programmers, Defense Day, Independence Day Celebrations, Allama Iqbal Day activities, Clean Green Pakistan activities in the Institutions

Deputy Director (C & F)

Assistant Director (C & F)

Contact:  051-9261906


Contact:  051-9260248