Mr. Muhammad Luqman

Director Administration


Roles & Responsibilities

  • General Administration of FDE HQ
  • Maintaining Expenditure Account of FDE HQ
  • All Legal matters
  • Procurements
  • Security & Transport (FDE & Institutions)
  • IT Establishment
  • PMDU (Technical Assistance)
  • Pension and allied cases of the employees of FDE and institutions
  • PM Assistance Package cases on the event of in-service death of employees
  • Processing of transfer of Pension in the event of death after retirement

Initiatives / Achievements

  • E-Office Implementation
  • IT System up-gradation
  • HR MIS & Biometric Attendance System
  • Re-visiting Internal Discipline
  • Security & Services Efficiency
  • Infrastructural Changes for a Cultural Shift (reception, R&I, reading corner, infirmary, dedicated IT room, printing & examination facility, store room, record room, mosque, lawn, safe drinking water, parking space, washrooms, canteen etc.)