dir finance

Mr. Tanveer Ahmed

Director Finance & Audit

[email protected]

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Planning and execution of Audit and Special Audit of all schools/colleges under FDE
  • Brief for DAC & PAC meetings
  • Implementation of directions of DAC/PAC
  • Settlement of Audit Paras/Reports
  • Inviting, examining, compiling and issuance of Budget Estimates in respect of all educational institutions under FDE
  • Processing of Supplementary Grants
  • Compiling of data/appropriation accounts for DAC
  • Issuance of hiring sanctions to the FDE employees
  • Registration of fresh applications for hiring purpose
  • Processing of assistance package cases regarding grant of residential arrived families
  • Issuance of NOCs for retired employees.

Initiatives / Achievements

  • Proper Implementation of Audit Section
  • Upgradation of Budget Section
  • Re-visiting Estate Management Section

Deputy Director (Finance & Audit)

Contact:  051-9261518

Email:      [email protected]

Assistant Director (Finance & Audit)

Contact:  051-9261518

Email:      [email protected]