Planning & Development


Mr. Saqib Shahab

Director Planning & Development

[email protected]

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Planning for future needs of educational institutions in Islamabad.


  • Development of new educational institutions to provide free education (for students from 6th to 16th Year of age) to the residents of Islamabad under Article 25-A of the Constitution of Pakistan.


  • Prepare PCs for CFY PSDP for acquiring of budget allocation.


  • Updating / modifying / revising PC-Is to remove the observations of Planning Commission & other departments.


  • Monitoring complete project cycle.


  • Collecting details of missing facilities and coordinating with Pak PWD for cost estimation for the consumption of FM Wing for acquiring of funds.

Initiatives / Achievements

  • Establishment of 07 New Educational Institutions @capital cost of 2254.756 Millions


  • 04 Projects based on soft component @ 504.107 Millions


  STEM Education  Deworming initiatives

  Blended Learning  Education Fellows


  • Renovation and Rehabilitation of 03 Existing Educational Institutions @235.834 Millions


  • Procurement and Finishing Work under Project “Upgradation of ICT High Schools” @999.061 Millions


  • Project for “Provision of Basic Facilities in Educational Institutions of ICT Under FDE” @ 6916.903 Millions recently approved by CDWP

Deputy Director (Planning & Development)



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Assistant Director (Planning & Development)



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